Our Treatment -

Center is Famous & Interested to cure Complicated, Chronic, Recurrent (Operated but not cured ) patient of Piles, Fistula in Ano, & Pilonidal Sinus.

Sushrut Ano-rectal Hospital & Research Centre have following Non-Invasive treatments available for treating Ano-rectal diseases like Piles, Fissures, Fistula.

 Ayurvedic Ksharsutra treatment and medicine.

  Infra Red Coagulation.

  M.I.P.H (stapler).

 D.G.H.A.L (Doppler Guided Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation).

 Sclero Therapy (Injection)

 Cryo Treatment.

 Laser (Diode & CO2) Treatment

 Radio frequency treatment.

 T.H.D treatment (Trans Anal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialisation)

 Conservative treatment for Ano-rectal diseases.

 Harmonic Scalpel.

Ksharsutra Treatment -

Kshar Sutra treatment is very effective and is golden treatment for curing the Ano-rectal diseases i.e. Piles, Fistula and Sinuses. With 100% results and No recurrence but Kshar Sutra has some contra indications.

100% results will be achieved only on proper selection of patients & Ksharsutra. Ksharsutra. is very effective in deep Sinuses and High Rectal Fistula specially recurrent Fistula in Ano and Sinuses, so Kshar Sutra treatment is so popular all over the world and no. 1 choice of treatment of Doctors.

Kshar Sutra is a medicated setone which is prepared from Herbal Drugs Indian Council of Medical Research has published the results of Kshar Sutra in Indian Journal of Medical research in June 1991. stated that Kshar Sutra is Better treatment than Surgery .Ksharsutra offers an effective, less traumatic ambulatory and safe alternative treatment for fistula in ano & sinuses with excellent success rate. It avoid hospitalization and saves man hours for the Doctor & Patient Both.

The Kshar Sutra has unique action of drug delivering technique during the treatment of diseases( Fistula & Sinus) and it has cutting & healing action simultaneously.So patient is completely cured without big incision Kshar Sutra preparation is highly technical matter Selection of proper Kshara ( Herbal Alkali ) for proper condition of patients is more important other wise it will create more grave complications so preparation of ksharsutra according to patients should be done by Practicing doctor Kshar Sutra is prepared from following Herbals.

Dr Nikam Hospitals Research Treatments -

Ayurvedic Treatments :

 Alkaline Solution cauterization.

  Ksharsutra Treatment.

  Golden cauterization.

Dr. Nikam has research on Piles, Fissures, Fistula & providing treatments which gives 100% result without recurrance.

It is a combination of advance treatment which includes Radio Frequency, Lasers, DGHAL as well as Ancient surgeon Sushrut methods which includes some Oral medicines, Per rectum treatments, Administration of medicated oils per rectum which is helpful to cure patients completely without surgery.